New products for 2019

Besides having the right core assortment, it remains our ambition to continuously excite travellers with surprising and eye-catching products. This years new products are perfect as a gift or can be shared with family and friends. Take a look at our new items, they will be a great addition to your assortment.

Mentos Jumboroll Mix on the Beach
A new Jumboroll has been added to the range, the Mentos Jumboroll Mix on the Beach. A mix of fruity drink flavours in the spirit of a relaxing holiday. This Jumboroll consists of 8 individual rolls in the flavours peach/orange, strawberry/banana and mango/passionfruit.

Mix of Minis Silo
This new Mix of Mini’s Silo contains 600 grams of best selling candy: including Fruit-tella Dummy, mini Chupa Chups lollipops and Mentos Mini.

Chupa Chups Cupcake
New this year will be the Chupa Chups CupCake, a sweet plastic bakingcup holder with 24 baking cups and 10 mini Chupa Chups lollipops on top, packaged in a small box. The box includes a CupCake recipe to bake your own Chupa Chups CupCakes. Once all the lollipops are gone the CupCake itself can be reused as a bakingcup holder.

Chupa Chups Markers
The Chupa Chups Markers are a great gift for kids that will keep them entertained while traveling. In addition to the Smurf Markers, Hello Kitty markers will be added to our assortment this year.
One box contains 8 Hello Kitty or 8 Smurf markers, 7 lollipops and 1 colouring book.